SIP Newsletter #8

Brussels, February 13, 2003

- Control Center LIB warning
- Sibelius conversion
- SipXref
- SipAnlib

Dear SIP user,

This newsletter only announces a couple of recent quality improvements.

Control Center LIB warning

A user on a Windows XP system reports that he gets a warning message every time he starts up SIP. The message is "You have defined a LIB directory which does not exist: [name of folder]. Many SIP functions cannot run properly - you better fix this right away."
I do not know the reason for this as everything works fine in that environment and the situation cannot be reproduced at my end. As soon as the cause is known it will be fixed.

Sibelius conversion

(1) A problem with Code1 Par14 for notes with a trill has been fixed.
(2) Whole rests were always centered until now but I was made aware by one user that this symbol should not be centered when it occurs in measures such as 4/2 or 8/4. Since Score does not know about that either a solution was suggested (thanks Peter) to replace such whole rest by a half rest moved up 1.14 such that Score would not center it. You may suppress this special treatment in the Score, rest tab.


The inconsistency report would signal a situation when the thickness of slurs and brackets would be different. This of course makes no sense and the issue was fixed in SipXref 9.20 which is downloadable for licensed users.


When there is a file in the LIB directory with the .DRW extension but which is not a properly formatted 'draw' file then the second phase of SipAnlib which generates the files with all Score symbols (Code9 and Code11) happened to generate invalid Score items. This has been fixed.
Ask me for the update.

Long live SCORE

Jan de Kloe