SIP Newsletter #10

Brussels, April 15th, 2003

- SipSib
- SipFind

Dear SIP user,

Since I have been concentrating on engraving and SipXML development, there is not much news. Here is an intermediate status.
Note that some new versions of downloadable documents have been uploaded.


As user of the Sibelius to Score converter know, this program takes EPS as input. The good news is that the 'light' Sibelius version for guitar named G7 is entirely compatible when it comes to EPS output. So scores made with G7 can also be handled by SipSib.

Other news on the SipSib front is that the 'free updates' period has now ended. All licensed SipSib users have been sent the current version which the only one for which I will consider feature extensions and bug fixes. Therefor it is best to uninstall any old versions and put the current one on your system. Future upgrades may be distributed at a price.


An error has been discovered in this program: when more than 327 files were inspected, the sort phase would abort and the output report would be incomplete. The bypass evidently is not to sort. It was therefor decided to update this program. A couple of features were added. It is now possible to quickly select a drive, rather than going to the Browse function which can be pretty slow of you have a system with many files. Also, the list of unmatching files is provided. Those are files which have a filename which looks like a Score MUS file such as .MUS or .PAG but the structure of the file is not the one expected. Most likely, this is a Finale file or a corrupted Score file. Then the option was added to get a listing of all Score music files without the files being scanned. There is of course no certainty that the structure of the listed files is indeed Score. The sort was pretty slow and this has been improved. Still, when there are many files which match the search criteria, the sort can be very time consuming. There is still room for improvement here and when asked I will review this.
SipFind is downloadable from this site now. After download, unzip it and move SIPFIND.EXE to the directory where SIP was installed, overwriting the old version. Unlicensed users can download this but the program will not work.

Long live SCORE!

Jan de Kloe