SIP Newsletter #12

Brussels, June 28th, 2003

- Icelandic character set

Dear Score user,

This is a small contribution, and a subject of interest to all those Score engravers with a need for the Icelandic character set. That makes two of us...
If you have a need for the 'eth' and 'thorn' characters for your Old English, Middle English, Oldnorse, Icelandic or Faeroes lyrics, this can be done now in Score. The following Score result in PDF demonstrates this. There is very little to do to add these four characters to your Times or Helvetica fonts. In fact they are there but not activated for PostScript. All you need to do is to download file IcelandicFontinit.psc. Put it in the LIB directory. Remove the exisiting FONTINIT.PSC or give it another name. Then rename IcelandicFontinit.psc to FONTINIT.PSC and you have these characters the next time you print from Score.
There is a price however - there are four other characters to sacrifice and since I will hardly ever need to use currency symbols or the circle with the four dots I dropped those.
When using IcelandicFontinit.psc, those are the values to use in Score character strings:

      !4         lower case eth (was slashed c)
      !y         upper case eth (was Yen symbol)
      !7         lower case thorn (was dotted circle)
      !f         lower case thorn (was Florin symbol)

These characters work on Times and Helvetica but not on NewCenturySchoolbook. I have not tried any other font. Then you might want to pencil these codes in on page 158 of the Reference Manual.

Long live SCORE!

Jan de Kloe