SIP Newsletter #16

Brussels, February 20, 2004

- Sibelius symbols for the SCORE user
- SipXML
- SipFind
- SipXref
- SipNames

Dear Score user,

Short information on a couple of new things.

Sibelius symbols for the SCORE user

If you have licenses for both SCORE and Sibelius, you can now use the vast collection of Sibelius symbols in SCORE. Download the product description.


The new version of the user guide was uploaded. Erroneously, the first panel shown in that write-up contained the developer version with all the tricks and helps I use when testing the thing. End users have a simpler main panel as shown in the updated document.


The previous version showed the second tab on startup. This should be the first tab as in the now downloadable SipFind build 002.


This program needed a correction. The situation demands some explanation:
When you have two voices on a staff with upstems and downstems, and downstems notes have augmentation dots, these have to be below the staff or ledger line when the note crosses it. SipXref will signal this when the 'Notehead' option is set. However, notes below Par4=0 would escape this check and this error is now corrected in SipXref 9.22. You need to download the zip file and copy the two modules in there to the folder where you keep SIP.


Download the current version 1.20. It allows you to vertically half the display incase part would be hidden behind the task bar. This occurred on some systems and I could not recreate it on mine, so the solution is less than ideal, I know...

Long live SCORE!

Jan de Kloe