SIP Newsletter #18

Brussels, September 30, 2004

- SipEdit - Score editor
- SipSib - Sibelius to Score converter
- SipXML - MusicXML to Score converter

Dear Score user,

Lately, a couple of improvements were suggested to the convertors (SipSib and SipXML). The changes are advertised in this short newsletter.

SipEdit - Score editor

One feature allows changing a parameter depending on contents (the General tab). It was however not possible to change Par1 as this was deemed risky.
Now this is possible and the risk is now the user's. Why was this changed? I found it useful to conditionally delete some items by changing Par1 to the dummy item value of 13...

SipSib - Sibelius to Score converter

- Improved handling of musica ficta accidentals in parentheses
- First and second endings of which Sibelius changed the coding for Release 3 is now supported
- Metronome indication handling improved
- Support of tuplet value 9
- Better recognition of dots following a repeat barline (House style dependent)
- Double triplets are now properly converted
- Ledger lines of 52 points and 63 points are now recognized (House style dependent)
- The Maestro font has been equated to the Opus font for handling characters

SipXML - MusicXML to Score converter

Primarily, the reasons for a drastic change was that the program would not handle large orchestral scores.
Two measures were taken: (1) allow filtering on bars, ie. extract vertically in addition to the horizontal filter capability called Filter parts, and (2) increase the internal buffer size.
Note that the downloadable SipXML User Guide 1.08 explains the new feature.
Other upgrades:
- handling of short notes of duration 1/64 and 1/128
- support the percussion clef
- improved handling of in-staff fingering

There is still a problem in Dolet when it comes to generation of in-staff fingering. When horizontally adjacent notes both have fingers, Dolet generates one text item with the two digits, and SipXML cannot decide where these fingers should go. The problem has been reported to Recordare.

SipXML still has a problem to properly recognize and process pickup bars. There is no solution yet and this matter is currently under study.

Cancel handling: During the execution of a MusicXML conversion (which can take minutes even on the most powerful computers), it is possible to cancel. However, the cancel request cannot always immediately be honored, and the user needs to wait until a next process starts. There are about 50 processes, each taking its time and only at the end of each process the cancel request is checked.

Long live SCORE!

Jan de Kloe