SIP Newsletter #23

Brussels, March 22, 2005


- SipSib improvements
- SipXML improvements
- New program SipEdit2

Dear Score user,

Two programs received major extensions documented here.
A new little utility called SipEdit2 was added (freeware).
All programs were adapted to cater for DPI settings higher than the standard 96.

SipSib improvements
- improved handling of tremolo beams and their note durations (thanks to Tom Brodhead for helping me out)
- added option to horizontally align hairpins
- added option to attach dynamics to next closest staff if no close note
- fixed a problem in cross staff beam (recognition of piano staff)
- restart after Sibelius path set - NAMESEPS has name of the .EXE file. We erase it to get proper buttons
- many program changes from 31-bit arithmetic to 64-bit to avoid overflow handling orchestral files
- fix ties which came out with Par6=Par3 (happened when left notes a second apart and right note close)
- Allow 4 digit Code10Par7 value for TAB digits
- new parameter Barlines (set Code14Par17) applicable if Par5<>0
- improved centering of lyrics dashes
- moved all TAB and finger related options to new Options panel
- dropped the save profile option (Now it always does that)
- added + and - button on numeric part of output filename
- when the EPS input file name has a comma it is removed before Score display
- support time signature for 4-line TAB, many TAB related improvements
- combine instrument name such as Clarinet in B/flat sign/1,2 etc into one text item
- improved two voice situation notes one second apart when staff size is small
- improved augmentation dot recognition on small staff
- extend stems of notes with tremolo
- added option 'attempt lyrics processing'. This was necessary when I found out that in an orchestral score, harp pedal settings would align with the nearest note...

SipXML improvements
- support diatonic transposition
- added option to supress diatonic transposition
- unsupported transposition options diagnosed (chromatic, octave change)
- sfz and sffz dynamics supported
- handle input without time or other signature (program fix)
- handle barline type none, make it dashed
- option to suppress measure duration conflict

While the free SipEdit can do a lot, one request reached me on a thing it would not do: replace a font for identical text items. As an example: you have a series of MUS files with multiple occurrences of a string '_50A.' and you want to change these into '_51A.' Now there is SipEdit2 which does just that.
It is distributed with all main SIP builds as of now and SipEdit has a button to go there. Those SIP users who want to use this program can download it from my web site. It is a stand-alone program and when put in the folder where SIP is housed you will use the file selection mechanism from any of the utilities that select MUS files. You could make a shortcut on the desktop.

Stay up-to-date!
Download the newest versions of SipFind (build 005, under the header of SIP), SipSip (build 072), SipXML (build 018).

Long live SCORE!

Jan de Kloe