SIP Newsletter #25

Brussels, December 2, 2005


- Announcement policy
- SipSib upgraded to support Sibelius4
- SipXML improvements
- The SIP control center
- SipEdit extensions
- Current priorities

Dear Score user,

As expected, it took a while to adapt SipSib, the Sibelius to Score converter to cater for the Sibelius4 extensions but it is now available.
The SipXML which supports MusicXML 1.1 as produced by the current Dolet 3 plugin has been downloadable for a few weeks as announced by intermediate messages.
Then there are a few extensions to SipEdit. Many users start recognizing that it is easier for many systematic changes than making macros.
I finally threw out my dial-up connection to be online the whole day with a decent speed.

Announcement policy
When I have something to say to the subgroup of Score users which also has SIP utilities, I will continue to use the Score forum.
The subject will always have the string 'SIP' as to easily be able to throw the message out if undesired. One could even have this done by a spam filter. The Newsletters on this website collect information which is more sizable and of a more permanent nature.

SipSib upgraded to support Sibelius4
While Sibelius keeps evolving at a speed we Scorers can hardly comprehend, this puts an extra burden on keeping the converter in sync.
Sibelius4 has a number of things which took a major part of the past November month to include. On top of that there are new music fonts which have different sizes. As you know, size is everything. For the converter I mean. The distance between a stem and a notehead, or between an augmentation dot and a notehead are basic pieces of information on which the converter is based.
The major upgrade means that now we are on SipSib Level 2.00, while the Build number just increased to 085.
Here is a list of the changes (some exist since Build 084 for which no separate announcement was made):
- new Sibelius font Helsinki recognized
- new Sibelius fonts for Schott recognized (requires a Strategy option to be set)
- many new symbols in these fonts recognized: 8va, system brackets, system separator, accolade
- short vertical lines are no longer taken for stems without a notehead
- improved 8va recognition
- improved augmentation dot recognition on (unstemmed) whole notes
- inproved handling of partial beams (those that were open ended)
- removal of short horizontal lines overlapping ledger lines
- support of stem thickness of 4 pixels (requires a Strategy option to be set)
- 'pizz' and 'arco' can optionally be left as text and will align
- some panels have been reviewed for bigger DPI screen values
- introduction of the instrument name table. See the new user guide
There are few changes to the User guide. Version 2.00 can be consulted at the usual place

SipXML improvements
The first release of SipXML2Score was particularly unfriendly to a customer with the common regional system settings for his country. (Comma as decimal point, period for thousand separator, two decimals). It took some going back and forth until it worked, meaning that we are now at Build 004.
Here are the changes since 001:
- regional settings insensitivity
- the arpeggiate was reviewed in Dolet and this required a program change. Output by older versions is still supported
- there is an update panel for the font equivalence table. This is a bit more friendlier than maintenance of the flat file
- a trace message was removed as it gave redundant information during Cyrillic text processing

The SIP Control Center and SipEdit extensions
If you do not have Build 078 (You don't on December 2, 1005), download it. I just fixed two small bugs. You must have any SIP license for this to work (SipXref, SipSplit, SipEPS01, SipSib, SipXML2Score or SipText).
When you are used to call SCORLAS(4) from SIP you also need SipSkore Build 012.
The user can now (since Build 074) select which tab panel on the Control Center is to be shown by default.
SipEdit is incorporated in the Control Center.
Recent changes are:
- conversion of H-type multibar rests to European style in SipEdit
- vertical alignment of slurs in SipEdit
- assure that file name selection is in upper case
- bypass warning message on regional settings at next execution

Current priorities
I am working on these things, all customer requirements: Support of Hebrew in SipXML2Score, voice separation in SipSplit and as soon as Recodare gives the necessary information on the 'pull-off' symbol I will pull that off in SipXML2Score.

Long live SCORE!

Jan de Kloe