Last updated November 22, 2017

Historic guitar clippings

Segovia in Hong Kong, 1929
The death of Segovia's son Leonardo, 1937
Photo Segovia Nuevo Mundo 1922
Segovia in The Netherlands and the Dutch colonies - summary (1927-1962), illustrations, reviews in Dutch (Version 2.0)
Photo Segovia in Amsterdam 1935
Andres Segovia, Mandolinegids, 1927 commented by Piet van Es in Dutch
SegoviaInAmsterdam1960-1 program
SegoviaInAmsterdam1960-1 review in Dutch
SegoviaInAmsterdam1962-1 program
SegoviaInAmsterdam1962-2 review in Dutch
SegoviaInAmsterdam1962-3a review in Dutch, part 1
SegoviaInAmsterdam1962-3b review in Dutch, part 2
SegoviaInAmsterdam1962-4 review in Dutch
Segovia by Robert Vidal in French
Segovia cartoon

Fernando Sor, Mandolinegids, 1926 by Piet van Es in Dutch
Fernando Sor, Announcement of his death, Le Ménestrel 1839, in French
Rosita Rodes, Mandolinegids, 1931 by Piet van Es in Dutch
Castelnuovo-Tedesco in The Netherlands, interview in Dutch, 1939
Presti-Lagoya in Willemstad Dutch Antilles 1955 in Dutch
Presti-Lagoya in Willemstad Dutch Antilles 1956 in Dutch
John Williams in Amsterdam 1966 review in Dutch
Alirio Diaz in Willemstad Dutch Antilles 1969 in Dutch