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Boris Perott - A Life with the Guitar
             Published November 2012 by Chanterelle Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany, 200pp
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             List of names in the index
             Updates and corrections (second update)

Cossack Warriors - a true story
             Published September 2012 in Minneapolis-St.Paul, USA with TradePress, 171pp
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             Abstract of the book (2 pages)
             List of names in the index

Julian Bream, su repertorio
             Festival de la Guitarra de Córdoba, Nombres Propios de la Guitarra 2009, p65-110
      Other articles:
             Leo Brouwer: Julian Bream: disidente de la "era Segovia"
             Javier Suárez-Pajares: Joaquín Rodrigo y Julian Bream, Aspectos de una relación
             Graham Wade: El arte de Julian Bream

Index of the Diccionario de Guitarristas by Domingo Prat
             Editions Orphee, Columbus OH, USA in 2009, 99pp
             Dates summary from the Diccionario

Engraving guitar music (in Russian)
             Collected articles of the 5th international conference in Tambov (Russia), April 10-11, 2010, p155-158

Cross-string ornamentation technique. A practical guide for guitarists
Technique de l'ornementation sur plusieurs cordes. Un guide pratique pour guitaristes
             Les Editions Doberman-Yppan, Canada 2007, DO 620
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Oscar Esplá in Belgium (1936-1949)
             Editions Orphee, Columbus OH, USA, 2001, 264pp
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             Abstract in English
             Resumen en Castellano
             Book errata v7.00
             List of names in the table of contents
             Oscar Esplá - fiction and facts, v4.0 - April 2006
             Oscar Esplá - The surfacing of the "Karel Willems article"
             Oscar Esplá - Pictures and articles from my archive
             Oscar Esplá - ¡Descubrimiento! Carta y fotogafía de Óscar Esplá

Europäische Gitarristen in den USA in der ersten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts
             EGTA-Journal, Ausgabe 7, 12/2019, p12-24

Dolores Nevares de Goñi
             Soundboard USA, vol 44 number 4, December 2018. p15-23

François-Joseph Fétis (1784-1871): So important, Such a crook
             Soundboard USA, vol 44 number 2, June 2018. p37-39

Chitarristi europei negli U.S.A. durante la prima metà dell'Ottocento
             il Fronimo, no. 182, April 2018, p 26-40

Ideological conflicts between music journalists in Belgium during the Second World War
             Belgisch Tijdschrift voor Muziekwetenschap (Revue belge de Musicologie), VOL. LXIX (2015) p39-45

Letters from Heinrich Albert to Vahdah Olcott Bickford
             Letters from Heinrich Albert to Vahdah Olcott Bickford

Zani de Ferranti in America
             American guitar history

Abstract of Lyubov Ponomareva’s journals
             Russian emigration subject

The schism between Perott and Appleby
             Guitar history in England

Text spoken with slides at the 2014 Hall of Fame Award Ceremony for Abel Nagytothy-Toth at the convention of the Guitar Foundation of America (GFA), Fullerton, CA.

Alice de Belleroche a guitarist in England
             Classical Guitar UK, vol 30 number 8, April 2012. p34-36

New techniques for old music: Giuliani's Op. 15 revisited
             Soundboard USA, vol 37 number 3, 2011. p40-42

Early Russian guitar periodicals
             Soundboard USA, vol 37 number 2, 2011. p38-44

Two sauteuses
             Soundboard USA, vol 37 number 1, 2011. p68-69

Oscar Esplá and the guitar
             Soundboard USA, Vol 35 number 4, 2009, p43-50

Thumb position on the guitar
             Soundboard USA, Vol 35 number 1, 2009, p32-36

Oscar Esplá e la chitarra
             il Fronimo, no. 144, October 2008, p 39-48

Oscar Esplá - los años belgas
             Canelobre: Revista del Instituto alicantino de cultura "Juan Gil-Albert", 2008, p21-35,
             C/ San Fernando 44. Casa Bardin,
             03001 Alicante

Interview with Abel Nagytothy-Toth
             Soundboard USA, Vol 31 No 1, fall 2005

Albéniz in Brussels
             Soundboard USA, Vol 30 No 4, summer 2005

A house style for engraving guitar music
             Soundboard USA, Vol 30 No 2, 2004

Frank Martin: une enquête
             Les cahiers de la guitare, n° 82, 2002

Oscar Esplá als muziekredacteur in België tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog
             Belgisch Tijdschrift voor Muziekwetenschap (Revue belge de Musicologie), No 56, 2002, p131-143

Barrios in Brussels
             Soundboard USA, Vol 26, No 3, winter 2000

François de Fossa's edition for guitar of Haydn Works
             Soundboard USA, Vol 22, No 4, spring 1996

I Quatre Pièces Brèves di Frank Martin: Studio comparativo delle fonti disponibili
             Il Fronimo, Vol 26, Nos 96 & 97, 1996

Frank Martin's Quatre Pièces Brèves: A comparative Study of the available Sources
             Soundboard USA, Vol 20, No 1 & 2, 1993

Japanese translation of above article
             Gendai Guitar Nos. 373-375, 1996

Frank Martin y la guitarra

Albéniz en Bruselas - Estudio documental sobre las actuaciones de Isaac Albéniz en Bruselas
             70 pages. To be published.
             List of names in the index

Oscar Esplá, ses écrits de la période belge
             313 pages. Published on the Internet in French and Spanish, 2008
             The bank which housed the legacy of the composer went bankrupt in 2012. They had this book on their website which has since been taken down.

Index to the "Estudio Monográfico Documental" on Oscar Esplá y Triay by Emiliano Garcia Alcázar
             20 pages, August 1999 - Electronic version available on request

Anatomy of the K1 trill
             Work in progress (article)

Thematic catalog of Johann (Ivan) Decker Schenk
             Work in progress