Music Engraving Software Utilities:    Last updated May 6, 2018

Download ScoreEngine (demo version)
             ScoreEngine  v5.0.0.40
             The price for ScoreEngine is 180 euro or the equivalent in your money.
             ScoreEngine User Guide v4.19  (pdf for v5.0.0.37)
             Printing with ScoreEngine  EPS and PDF, and a little PCSEND)

ScoreEngine tutorials:
You may need to set the browser zoom factor to 400 on some platforms...
             ScoreEngine Lesson #1 - Introduction  (film 6:49 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #2 - The menu line  (film 8:24 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #3 - The upper buttons  (film 6:50 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #4 - The music display  (film 4:00 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #5 - The status display  (film 2:35 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #6 - Setting up ScoreEngine for first use - Link profile  (film 3:26 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #7 - Suppressing System sounds  (film 3:40 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #8 - Setting up ScoreEngine - Exec profile - Peripherals/Compatibility  (film 4:24 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #9 - Upgrading from demo to licensed ScoreEngine - installation issues  (film 1:50 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #10 - OLE technique  (film 4:09 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #11 - Font embedding  (film 2:30 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #12 - Provisions for guitar music  (film 9:01 min.) - Version 3.0
             ScoreEngine Lesson #13 - Commands XDE, XLJA and XAD  (film 2:05 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #14 - XAD vs AD  (film 2:22 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #15 - XARP and XLIN commands  (film 5:17 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #16 - Scorlas  (film 6:26 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #17 - Opposing tuplet bracket ends  (film 1:50 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #18 - Fix Bounding Box  (film 3:36 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #19 - Using Score as Scorlas  (film 3:54 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #20 - Change tuplet font  (film 1:09 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #21 - XSYL command, syllable alignment  (film 2:18 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #22 - XUND command to underline text  (film 1:21 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #23 - XBOX command to draw box around text  (film 1:48 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #24 - Piano fingering  (film 5:36 min.)
             ScoreEngine Lesson #25 - Online Help  (film 4:28 min.)

Download of executable SIP programs is only allowed by licensed users. SIP utilities do not work if you do not have the initial delivery. (Exception SipPMXin)

    Mandatory reading
             SipVersion - automatic version checking  (pdf, version 2 of march 22, 2013)

    Download SIP includes all freeware, does not include licensed products
             SIP  version

    Downloads of licensed software
             SipSplit  v7.0.0.0 - Windows version. The DOS version is available on request.
             SipXref  v11.0.0.0
             SipText  v2.0.0.0
             SipEPS01  v9.0.0.2
             SipSib  v5.0.0.193
             SIPSIB06.EXE - this module cannot be downloaded. You have to ask me for it. Supply a Sibelius EPS so I can qualify it.
             SipXML2Score  v4.0.0.77; includes SipXMLisolate
             SipScore2XML  v2.0.0.54

             Frequently Asked Questions, pricing information  v2.36
             How big is SIP? Module summary in lines of code (situation January 2007)

             Introductory slides (Status January 2007 - PowerPoint document converted to pdf, v3.34)
             The graphical user interface for SIP (Status May 30, 2005 - Product summary, v1.40, 21 pages, pdf)

             SipAd SipAd - Intelligent AD processor v1.2(pdf)

             User Guide (pdf)
             For Product description see Newsletter #23

             Announcement of v5 Support of staff line tricks and "optical beams" (pdf)
             Demo page in EPS of the above
             Placeholder feature Automatic setting/resetting of tablature placeholders (pdf)
             Product description (pdf)
             SipFontC User Guide (pdf)
             SipFrench User Guide (pdf)
             SipInputEnv SipInput Environment v2.0 (pdf)
             SipInputUse SipInput User Guide v2.0 (pdf)

             SipLedger Product Description Ledger line width converter (pdf) v1.02

             SipLJ Product Description: SipLJ and the integration of Tom's LJ with SIP utilities (pdf)

             SipPMXin(Free utility for Score engravers)
             Download this 'bulk conversion of PMX to MUS' program. Has a 'readme'
             SipProof Proofreading tool (User guide, pdf)

             Score to MusicXML convert User Guide, Product description (Version 4.01) (pdf)
             Download sample conversion 01 Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No 2, first mvt (Score MUS and XML, 157 kB, version of July 15th)

             Sibelius EPS to Score converter  User guide (pdf) v4.00, 35 pages
             Sibelius EPS to Score conversion  Sample conversions

             Score part extractor Product description (pdf)
             Physical extraction feature (pdf)

             Stack Score files Product description

             SipSystem - system formatter Product description, User Guide
             SipSystemRip - Move systems across a group of files User Guide
             SipText User Guide  (pdf) v1.07

             Thema (incipit) extractor Product Description (Windows version)

             Tablature converter Product Description

             SipVert Vertical alignement tool (User guide, pdf)

             SipXlyr SipXlyr - lyrics extraction - User Guide, pdf)

             SipXMLisolate SipXMLisolate (part/measure extraction) - User Guide, pdf)

             Demonstration of the MusicXML to Score converter 
             User Guide for SipXML2Score  v4.01 (pdf)
             XML to Score mail exchange with Thomas Weber (technical) (pdf, 6 pages)
             Score cross-reference program Product description v10 (pdf)   NEW - Full Windows!!!

     Sibelius symbols for the Score user
             Product description (pdf) Contact the author if you want this.

Sip Newsletters
             #32, March 22, 2013 (New installation procedure)
             #31, January 10, 2009 (Service Pack 12, SipLJ, SipSib, SipXML2Score and change)
             #30, August 15, 2008 (Service Pack 11, SipXMLxtract, SipLedger, SipEPS01)
             #29, August 10, 2007 (SipSib, SipSkore, The 160 character limit)
             #28, February 21, 2007 (SipVert, SipProof, Escrow, SipSib)
             #27, January 11, 2007 (Sip goes OLE, versioning)
             #26, December 27, 2006 (SipSib v3.00)
             #25, December 2, 2005 (Announcement policy, SipSib, SipXML2Score, Control Center, SipEdit)
             #24, August 14, 2005 (Focus on XML, SipXML, Optical beams, Score interface improvement)
             #23, March 22, 2005 (SipSib, SipXML, SipEdit2)
             #22, February 23, 2005 (SipSib, SipText, upgrades and news)
             #21, January 26, 2005 (Escrow - The continuity of SIP)
             #20, December 4, 2004 (100 SIP licenses)
             #19, November 21, 2004 (SipSib, SipXML, SipXlyr, etc.)
             #18, September 30, 2004 (SipEdit, SipSib, SipXML)
             #17, July 10, 2004 (SipSib, SipXML)
             #16, February 20, 2004 (Sibelius symbols for SCORE, SipXML, SipFind, SipXref, SipNames)
             #15, January 25, 2004 (SipSib, SipText, SipFind, SipTab, new downloads)
             #14, September 13, 2003 (SipSib, SipXML, SipEPS01, new downloads)
             #13, July 19, 2003 (Finale and Score, fonts, did ya know?)
             #12, June 28, 2003 (Character set for Icelandic etc.)
             #11, May 17, 2003 (SipXML, SipSib, SipFind, Windows2000 support)
             #10, April 15, 2003 (SipSib, SipFind)
             #9, March 1, 2003 (SipXML, SipEps01)
             #8, February 13, 2003 (Control Center issue, SipSib, SipXref, SipAnlib)
             #7, January 2, 2003 (Control Center, SipEdit, SipAnlib, SipXref, Score Help)
             #6, December 21, 2002 (Control Center, SipFind, SipSib, SipTpose)
             #5, October 26, 2002 (SipFind)
             #4, September 15, 2002 (Control Center, SipSib, SipToc, SipFind, SipThema)
             #3, August 14, 2002 (Control Center, SipSib, SipLedgr)
             #2, August 4, 2002 (SipRenum, outline font, 32 staff limit, StuffIt)
             #1, July 31, 2002 (Policy, SipSib, SipRenum)

             Important new feature for SipXML2Score  (pdf)
             Czech alphabet support for Score, v2  (pdf)
                          zipped FontInitCzech.psc v2 for download, sample MUS file included 
             Renaissance vocal bracket alignment  (pdf)
             Sibelius XML status report (PDF) (September 21, 2005 )
             How SIP interfaces with SCORLAS (pdf) (May 2, 2005 )
             Hebrew font for Score (Word doc) (March 28, 2005)
             The ScoreCyr Cyrillic font for use in Score (January 18th, 2004)
             Tablature in Score (October 6th, 2003)
             CE characters in Score with standard Times-Roman (July 15th, 2003 - updated December 2003)
             Chanvrelin on fonts (July 15th, 2003)
             The Cyrillic TimeScore family of fonts (July 4th, 2003 - major update January 11th, 2004)
             TimeScore demonstration
                          Download TimeScore fonts and CYRTEST.MUS
             Conversion of Cyrillic script to Score with SipXML (June 28th, 2003) updated January 24, 2007.
             Everything you always wanted to know about Code8Par4 (May 4th, 2003)
             Accidental alignment in Finale, Sibelius and Igor (February 14, 2003)
             Powell on Score (December 21, 2002)
             PSC files, FONTCONV and SCORE character width (August 16, 2002)